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إن اليوم عمل ولا حساب وغدا حساب ولا عمل

Today there are deeds and no judgment, and tomorrow there will be judgment and no deeds.

The Imam is drawing our attention to the opportunity we have been given in this world to prepare for the afterlife. Once we die, we don’t have it anymore and the only thing we have in the afterlife is judgment of our deeds, whether good or bad.


ينبغي أن تكون أفعال الرجل أحسن من أقواله و لا تكون أقواله أحسن من أفعاله

A person’s deeds must be better than his words, a person’s words must not be better than his deeds.

This is equivalent to the English saying: deeds, not words. And also: Actions speak louder than words.

In the context of religion, this quote tells us that we have to perform its duties rather than just deliver its sermons. And in the context of worldly pursuits, it tells us the importance of walking the talk.