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لا تَثِق بِالصَّديقِ قَبلَ الخُبرَةِ

Don’t trust a friend before testing him



كن بعدوك العاقل أوثق منك بصديقك الجاهل

Have more trust in a rational enemy than in a stupid friend.

A sane person doesn’t trust his enemies and is cautious when dealing with them. The Imam says that we have to be even more cautious with our friends if they are stupid. This is because a stupid friend may reveal your secrets, embarrass you, or get you into trouble.


صحبة الأشرار تكسب الشر كالريح إذا مرت بالنتن حملت نتنا

Befriending evil people makes you evil, just like the wind: if it passes through a stinking place, it carries a stinking smell.

The Imam means by evil people: people who are morally corrupt, bad and wicked.