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اَلمُصيبَةُ واحِدَةٌ ، وَ إنْ جَزَعَتْ صارَتْ اِثْنَـتَيْنِ

A tragic event is one. If you do not cope with it, it becomes two.


بِالدُّعاءِ يُسْتَدْفَعُ البَلاءُ

Difficulties are repelled with supplication

Here is an article about the value of supplication and its meaning in Islam.


من زهد هانت عليه المحن

Asceticism helps you bear disasters easily.

The Imam says that asceticism (which is avoidance of worldly pleasures) helps you manage your way through tragedies and life trials easily. This is because ascetics are emotionally less attached to worldly pleasures and therefore have a strong foundation of patience and inner strength.


من خاف الله سبحانه آمنه الله من كل شئ

Whoever fears Allah almighty, Allah will calm him down from everything.

The Imam says that if you want to be fearless in the face of danger, and to be tranquil at the time of trouble, then you have to fear Allah almighty.


لا تفرح بالغنى والرخاء ولا تغتم بالفقر والبلاء فإن الذهب يجرب بالنار والمؤمن يجرب بالبلاء

Don’t be happy with wealth and comfort, and don’t be unhappy with poverty and suffering, because gold is tested with fire, and the believer is tested with trials.