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من خاف الله سبحانه آمنه الله من كل شئ

Whoever fears Allah almighty, Allah will calm him down from everything.

The Imam says that if you want to be fearless in the face of danger, and to be tranquil at the time of trouble, then you have to fear Allah almighty.


لا تحمل على يومك هم سنتك كفاك كل يوم ما قدر لك فيه فإن تكن السنة من عمرك فإن الله سبحانه سيأتيك في كل غد جديد ما قسم لك وإن لم تكن من عمرك فما همك بما ليس لك

Don’t overload your day with worry about sustenance of the coming year, be contented with whatever given to you today. If the coming year is part of your life then Allah almighty will bring you in every new day your sustenance, but if it is not part of your life then why are you worried about something which is not yours?

To understand what the Imam says you have to understand what the Arabic word ( رزق) means, which roughly translates to sustenance or livelihood.

The Imam urges us not to worry too much (or may be not worry at all) about sustenance. Worry being the unnecessary and excessive concern, which is a modern day affliction for all of us ordinary people. He says if tomorrow is part of your life then Allah will bring you food-shelter-clothing-etc…, but if you will not live till tomorrow then why are you concerned about food which you will not be able to eat?