Ali bin Abi Talib demonstrated exceptional bravery and courage on many occasions, here are the highlights:

The night of Hijra

If Hijra highlights Ali’s unquestioning loyalty to his master, Muhammad, it also demonstrates his incredible courage. The pickets of the enemy might have killed him either believing that he was Muhammad, or upon the discovery that he was not, out of sheer frustration.

The battle of Badr

Ali Ibn Abu Talib (A.S.)who entered this battle relatively obscure and came out with unequalled military fame. His military performances became the popular subject of the Arab caravans conversations throughout the Arabic Peninsula.

The battle of Uhud

The Prophet become the object of the attack of various units of the army of Quraysh from all sides. Ali attacked, in compliance with the Prophet’s orders, every unit that made an attack upon him (the Prophet) and dispersed them or killed some of them, and this thing took place a number of times in Uhud.

The battle of Khandaq (the trench)

‘Amr ibn ‘Abd Wudd (who was thought to be equal to a thousand men in fighting) and Ikrimah ibn Abi Jahl attempted to thrust through the trench and managed to cross the trench occupying a marshy area near the hillock of Sala. ‘Amr challenged the Muslims to a duel. In response, Ali ibn Abi Talib accepted the challenge, and was sent by Muhammad to fight. After a short engagement, Ali killed ‘Amr and the dust rose up around them.

The battle of Khaybar

Marhab’s mother had had a dream in her youth and when Marhab was only a baby. In her dream she had seen that a lion had killed her. Because of that dream, she used to say to her son (when he had grown up and had become a renowned fighter in Arabia): Son, never fight a man whose name resembles the meaning of ‘lion.’

Imam Ali(a.s.) led the Islamic forces to the strongest fort of Khyber named QAMOOS and when they came near, the battle was started by the Jews. One of their strongest man, Haris, attacked and martyred two Muslims after which Imam Ali(a.s.) took on Haris and killed him instantly. He was followed by the strongest man among the Jews – Marhab. Marhab faced the same fate. His body was equally divided into two parts by the zulfiqar of Imam Ali(a.s.).

The battle of Hunayn

The hero of the battle of Hunayn was Ali ibn Abi Talib just as he was the hero of all the preceding battles. At a time when all the companions had fled from the battlefield, and only eight men were left with the Apostle, it was Ali who stood between him and the enemy, and defended him. The tribesmen charged repeatedly but he repulsed them each time same as he had done in Uhud. For sometime, it was Uhud again.

Performing prayer during the battle of Siffin

Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) was in the midst of fighting during the battle of Siffin. In spite of these circumstances he often glanced at the sun between the rows of fighters. Ibne Abbas asked him why he kept glancing at the Sun? Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) said, “I am looking towards Zawaal (decline of Sun from its Zenith) so that I may perform Prayer.” Ibne Abbas asked him if there was opportunity to recite prayer in these trying circumstances? Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) replied, “Why are we fighting these people? Our aim in fighting these people itself is the establishing of Prayer.”


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